Ten years at the College Drive campus isn’t the only thing the Haliburton School of the Arts (HSTA) is celebrating this year. According to Fleming College, first semester enrolment is up ten per cent from last year. Campus Dean, Sandra Dupret says they’ve added two new programs that is helping to bring more students in.

This August marked the first completion of the Studio Process Advancement graduate certificate. Dupret says they’ve also branched into design with an Integrated Design program. The program will be taught by professional designers from across Canada. Another attractive quality to students is the new agreements between HSTA and all of Canada’s major art institutions.

At the tenth anniversary celebrations on Sept. 19, Dupret said students from HSTA now have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts at any one of Canada’s arts-focused universities.

The celebrations on Friday included the dedication of the Barb Bolin Studio Wing for Barb’s dedication to getting the current campus up and running.