The Township of Highlands East is dedicating a week to cutting back on waste in town.

Today through Sunday, the township is encouraging everyone to reduce the amount of waste going into the landfills. Across the country, municipalities are raising awareness around the issues of sustainable and responsible consumption and promoting proper recycling practices.

Highlands East has made a “recycling info sheet” the sheet goes over the importance of sorting your recyclables into fibres and containers. Fibres include newspapers, magazines, egg cartons, corrugated cardboard, boxed board, mixed and office papers and brown paper bags. Containers are classified as glass bottles or jars, metal cans, plastic bottles, aluminum trays, mixed plastics, plastic film, polystyrene, wax coated cartons.

Sorting through the recyclables into plastics, glass, metal, and polystyrene is encouraged to take recycling practices to the next level.

For a full list of the things that the Highlands East landfills will takeĀ click here.