Summer is not the only busy season in Haliburton County, Winter can also be full of fun.

Haliburton County is known to be busy during the summer months, but the Haliburton Forest is reminding people that there are lots to do during the cooler seasons too.

Forest Staff have announced some of the things that visitors and locals alike can do in the area throughout the winter. If you are looking for something to do, staff suggest experiencing dog sledding, saying that it is the perfect activity for couples, families or groups of friends. Dog sledding was developed originally to transport goods across Northern Canada. Aside from sledding through Haliburton Forest, people can watch the annual international dog sled races happening at Pinestone resort in Haliburton.

With 600 plus lakes in the Highlands, another suggested winter activity is trying out ice fishing. Staff say that although some of the lakes are only accessible by snowmobile or ATV in the winter, the ice fishing in the forest is worth the effort. They add that there are only 11 lakes in the county that have the Haliburton Gold Lake Trout.

The third thing that Haliburton Forest officials suggest trying this winter is renting an ATV or snowmobile and exploring trails. According to officials, Haliburton Forest is located in an ideal location for good snowmobiling weather conditions. Haliburton Forest has a link to the trail conditions, which you can find by clicking here.

Some of the other activities going on in through the winter in Haliburton County include going to the Wolf Centre, taking in the ice road races happening in Minden, Santa Claus parades, the National Pond Hockey Championship and more.