The creation of a pavilion at the Oxtongue Community Centre has two potential options.

When Algonquin Highlands Council meets tomorrow they are expected to go over two different proposals for the construction of a pavilion. Chris Card, the Parks, Rec, and Trails Manager, says that each proposal was reviewed to see if they met the minimum design specifications, the cost of the build is within the allotted budget, the companies ability to finish the project by December 14th of this year, the proposal makes effective use of the budget, the quality and aesthetic of the design, customizability, the use of long-lasting materials, the lifespan of the structure, the length and extent of a warranty, and finally the reputation of the vendors.

The first proposal comes from a company called Blue Imp. They proposed building the pavilion for $56,727. Blue Imp says that there is a 25-year warranty on the steel and materials. Blue Imp says that the paint job carries a five-year warranty and a one-year warranty on the workmanship. The metal in the pavilion would go through a long-lasting three stage preparation. Blue Imp says that there are choices in terms of the colour of the pavilion

ABC Recreation is the company behind the second proposal. They believe that they can build the pavilion for $56,545.33. If ABC gets the contract, they offer a 10-year warranty on the paints and the materials.

It has been reccommended that council vote to approve the proposal from Blue Imp.