If you haven’t┬áregistered to vote yet, don’t worry you can still do that.

The final day of voting is on Monday. All of the municipalities in the county have been taking mail-in votes through the election process.

That is still the case says Matt Gower, the municipal clerk in Algonquin Highlands, adding that you can show up at the municipal office on Monday to register and vote at the same time. Gower says that you can go into the office during regular hours to get registration done and get your vote in before the 8:00pm deadline.

Gower explained that there seems to be a misunderstanding that it’s too late to register by the time Monday rolls around, adding that people can walk into any municipal office to register even though the voting process is done through the mail.

It should be noted that the registration process needs to be done during regular office hours, and voting can be done until the polls close at 8:00pm.

Gower urges that anyone that has not registered to do so and get their vote in ASAP