The Minister of Labour is voicing her concerns over the vandalism of her office in Lindsay.

Late last night, the constituency office of Laurie Scott was broken into and vandalized, and Minister Scott spoke with the My Haliburton Now Newsroom about the vandalism.

Scott says that there is a connection between the announcement to stop the minimum wage increase and the vandalism, but adds that “instead of peaceful protest or spirited debate, it crossed the line into a criminal act.”

Scott went on to detail the damage done to the building, saying that windows were smashed, the inside of the office was vandalized as well as the outside graffiti that read “attack workers we fight back $15.” The Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP says that her office “put it out there, quite forcefully” that criminal acts cannot happen.

Minister Scott went on to say that “you don’t try to intimidate my staff who are trying to help the constituents, they aren’t political staff.” Scott says that her staff was quite shaken by the ordeal. She adds that the vandalism was completely uncalled for, “that needs to temper down… not everyone is going to like things we do, you can protest in peaceful ways, we can talk at the legislature, you don’t need to cross that line.”