With the election done, Carol Moffatt and the council in Algonquin Highlands are looking to the future.

Now that the voting is over and done, and municipal councils have been decided, the returning mayor in Algonquin Highlands, Carol Moffatt, says that the next term is continuing the great work of the last term.

Moffatt says that “Algonquin Highlands is set up to continue its good work and progressive governance,” adding that they intend to keep going forward with the plans already in place. Moffatt says that they have just finished an organizational review that will leave the municipality in good standing for the next term.

Although Moffatt was re-elected, along with Lisa Barry and Liz Danielson, the council has two new members in Julia Shortreed and Jennifer Dallioux. Moffatt says “that new bodies bring new ideas to the table, and nothing wrong with that.”

The returning mayor says “moving Algonquin Highlands forward can’t be what I want it to be, it has to be what we all want it to be, and that comes from what the citizens want it to be.” Moffatt explained that a goal from the next term is to ensure that there is public consultation and engaging the tax-payer in what needs to be done.

Over the next term, Moffatt says that she wants to work with the new mayor of Lake of Bays and continue the working relationship due to their close proximity and the shared management of Dorset.

When the council starts the new term in December, Moffatt says that it will be one of two municipalities in Ontario to be entirely female.