When council starts the new term in December, it will be a historic event in Ontario.

After the election earlier this week, a possibility became a reality for Algonquin Highlands. The election of Julia Shortreed and Jennifer Dailloux made history for the municipality, the township is now the second council in Ontario to be completely represented by female members.

According to Carol Moffatt, the Mayor of Algonquin Highlands, the Town of Spanish was the first, but Moffatt says that it is still worth note.

Moffatt says that it dawned on her that it was possible when the candidates made their intentions known before the election. Moffatt says that it is notable “because of things like the Me Too Movement, we are realizing as a society that there’s an awful lot of opinion and perspective from the women in our community that have long been unrepresented or held at bay.”

Moffatt says that regardless of the gender of the councillors, the gameplan is to rely on the skill sets that the councillors bring to the table. Moffatt added that she is quite proud of this milestone, but says that it will be quietly celebrated.

Trying to ease the minds of unsettled constituents, Moffatt said that there is an expectation that men and women in council are there representing their ward, adding that as much as the councillors are female, the staff and the people within the municipality are a diverse group both female and male.