If you live in Minden Hills, the township wants you to drop off your water bill.

With Canada Post in a rotating strike across parts of the country, the township is asking that everyone drop their bills with the payment owed to one of several locations rather than mail it and run the risk of it being late.

Minden staff says that the bills were mailed out on the 25th, adding that the bill is due on November¬†23rd. Once you get your bill, you can take it to the municipal office and pay with cash, cheque or debit. If you want to drop it off after office hours, you’ll have to use a cheque to pay. As well, if you want to drop it off at a financial institution you will need to attach the payment stub. Last, if you have the ability to do so you can pay your bill using online or telephone banking.

Despite the strike by Canada Post, the township says that they not exempt people from getting penalized if the bill is not paid on time.