Local celebrities and renowned designers Colin and Justin are using a new beer to heat homes.

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, a pair of celebrity cottage designers, is lending their likeness to the Haliburton Heat Bank and Boshkung Brewing Company for a new beer called Highland Fling. The cottage renovation duo is going to be featured on the beer and all of the proceeds from that beer will go into the heat bank.

Tony Mathews, a staff member at Boshkung Brewing Company, says that the idea of making a beer came about while the pair was visiting Rhubarb, a restaurant owned by the same people that own Boshkung. Mathews explained that once everyone knew they wanted to do that, Boshkung worked on creating a unique beer and label for the charitable drink.

Mathews told MyHaliburtonNow.com that getting the beer to a finished product was a lot of work, adding that they will be selling it online, or on tap at Rhubarb. Mathews says that they will most likely only be sold here in the county, adding that to get a beer approved by the LCBO can sometimes take years to happen so they decided they will sell it locally for the cause.

The beer will feature the pair on the label as well as a note that says “All funds go to help lessen the burden of choosing between heating and eating.”