The Haliburton County Historical Society is hoping to find a sign stolen from Haliburton Road.

Larry Giles and the rest of the Historical Society are seeking information into the theft of a sign they put up recently.

Giles says that the society had “embarked” on a project to identify historicalĀ sites and put up signs that correspond with the history of that area. Giles explained that yesterday afternoon it was found out that the “Break Wagon Hill” sign that was placed on Haliburton Road had been stolen. Giles added that the post was still intact, saying that the chains that held the sign on the post had been cut.

Giles expressed that the theft is disheartening for the society, adding that the society had gone through fundraising efforts to pay for the sign.

If you have information on the location of the sign, Giles says to call himĀ 705-754-0427