The municipality of Highlands East is looking for quotes to maintain one of their roads.

With winter here, the municipality is taking quotes from the public to see how much it would cost to plow and maintain Universal Road.

Highlands East staff say that the contract when awarded, would be from December of this year until April of 2019, then the contract picks up again from October 15th, 2019 to December 2019. staff say that there is an option for a contract extension.

If you wish to submit your quotation, Shannon Hunter, the Chief Administrative¬†Officer for Highlands East, says that you’ll need to do a full quote of the entire winter season, not a per trip quote. Hunter also says that you will need to provide a valid copy of liability insurance and WSIB Clearance Certificate.

Hunter is asking that everyone that wants to submit a quote for the work, needs to get it to her by November 26th.