You can have a say in different aspects of the county’s plans for accessibility, and tourism.

Haliburton County is looking to fill some open to the public spots on two committees and one board. The county has positions available for the Tourism Committee, the Joint Accessibility Committee, and the Haliburton County Public Library Board.

There is only one position available on the tourism committee, but whoever gets selected will be involved in monitoring tourism marketing strategies, reviewing the annual work plan, and support initiatives of the department. You will also need to recommend tender and quotation awards to the council, as well as the departmental budget and policies.

The Joint Accessibility Committee has room for five members of the public. Successful applicants will have to be involved in the creation of a joint accessibility plan and monitor the implementation of that plan. Committee members will also need to recommend priorities and the budgets attached to them. One of the other things that the committee is responsible for is getting involved with and advocating for community awareness of people with disabilities.

If you want to join the Public Library board, you will be competing for one of four spots open to the public. As a member of the library board, you will have to take an active role in the governance of the board, and advocate for the library. To be on the library board, you can not be employed by the county or the four municipalities that make up Haliburton County.

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