The O.P.P. is offering up some safe driving tips to use through the winter this year.

With the snow and ice here to stay until the spring, O.P.P. officers are reminding drivers that how you drive needs to coincide with the weather conditions. The police say that there are three keys to safe winter driving, those keys are Staying Alert, Slowing Down, and Stay in Control. Officers say these three things will help you get around without getting hurt or putting undue stress on your car.

The O.P.P. says that some other safety tips include driving according to the road and weather conditions, give extra distance between you and other cars, clean the frost and snow off of your car entirely before hitting the road, and giving yourself extra time to get where you need to go. It is also recommended that you install four winter tires, good wiper blades and keep lots of washer fluid in your car.

Aside from your travelling habits, the O.P.P. suggests carrying a number of things in your car just in case. Police officials say that you should keep a fully charged phone with you, an ice scraper, a snow brush, a small shovel and some kind of traction aid in your car. It is also encouraged that you travel with a blanket, extra clothing and a high-energy non-perishable food item. Smaller items that Ontario’s police force suggest carrying in your car is booster cables, road flares, fuel line antifreeze, a tow rope, a first aid kit, a small tool kit, and a flashlight.

To check the road conditions before you hit the road you can call 5-1-1.