After an early snowy blast of winter, Haliburton is about to get a different taste of the upcoming season.
Environment Canada warns, an arctic surge is moving into the county from the north and bringing sub-zero conditions with it. With the wind chill, temperatures could push down to minus 20 or even lower in some areas.

Cheng says Haliburton will come very close to some record lows set for the county on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We still have to wait and see,” says Cheng. “We are talking about Central Ontario, in the past, there have been some very, very cold temperatures as well.”

The coldest November 21st in Haliburton was recorded in 2008 when the temperature slipped to -18.7. And further back, on November 22nd 1932, the temperature dropped to it’s lowest on record of -23.3.

Overall Cheng says these figures show it’s very unusual for the temperature to get so low this time of year.

“If we look at the seasonal values, we should be sitting around 2-3 degrees for daytime highs and overnight lows should not get below minus 6,” says Cheng. “When it comes to the temperatures around Wednesday and Thursday, we’re certainly dropping well below those norms.”

But, the arctic chill isn’t expected to last long as the temperature will likely return to a seasonal normal by Friday.

Emergency officials suggest covering up as much exposed skin as possible when the temperature dips this low to avoid getting frostbite.