What to be done about the Hawk Lake Bridge is one step closer to being known.

Haliburton County announced yesterday that CC Tathem and Associates have started an Environmental Assesment Study. The goal of the study is to better understand what can be done with the bridge.

According to David Thaler, an engineering assistant with the county, the bridge is very old, and CC Thathem is conducting this study to find the best course of action for the bridge, the study is going to look at the environmental impact, the historical significance of the bridge and how that factors into deciding what to do with the bridge. Also expected out of the study is an overview of the hydraulic and structural capacity of the bridge. As well Tathem is expected to create alternative solutions to increase the capacity and safety of the bridge and the potential impacts of changes to the bridge on the environment.

Thaler says Thathem is going to come up with a recommendation but adds that the construction on the bridge if at all is ways off.