Renovations to the arena are the goal of an open house next month in Minden Hills.

The township is asking members of the public to come out to the S.G. Nesbitt Memorial Arena on December 17th.

According to Mark Coleman, the Director of Community Services, the open house is with the architect, the general contractor, all of the stakeholders, the arena building taskforce, and the public. Coleman explains to My Haliburton the details of the meeting and the plans for the arena are only going to be unveiled at the meeting.

Coleman gives some insight into the presentation suggesting anyone in attendance will get to see a 3D rendition of the plans for the exterior and interior of the building. Aside from the presentation itself, Coleman says before the meeting, people will get to meet a greet with the contractors and architect. He also says after the meeting, the public will be given the chance to get involved in a Q&A.

“it will be very impressive, what you get to see,” says Coleman about the presentation being put together. Coleman expresses that he would like people to attend and learn about the project, how its come about, how the project has evolved to this point and more. Also, Coleman says the open house is a great chance for people to offer feedback on the site plans. He says “certainly we are looking for the community’s support on this because this is probably one of the biggest capital asset projects the municipality will face in a long long time.”

Doors open at 6:30pm with the presentation starting at 7:00pm.