Haliburton County’s tourism industry could get a boost from the Ontario Government for local projects.

The Government of Ontario announced yesterday they are attempting to boost local tourism across the province with the Celebrate Ontario 2019 initiative.

Celebrate Ontario 2019 is a funding program that is now open to applications for communities and organizations to get funding from the province for local tourism events. Staff with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport say your application needs to show how the funding will increase economic development and business partnerships in the community, how the event you’re planning will increase tourist attendance and spending, or how it will attract overnight stays and out-of-province visitors. As well, you will need to show how it will increase the appeal of the event and how it will meet visitors demands.

The Ministry says the 2019 Celebrate program is different than previous years in the sense the application process is simplified, and the funding offered is geared specifically to programming improvements and marketing the event to tourists.

If you are going to apply for the program you will have to do so by January, 9th 2019 at 5:00pm.