The Township of Algonquin Highlands has their priorities set for next year.

At a special meeting of council, the various departments of the township detailed what they would like to prioritize for the new year.

According to Chief Administrative Officer, Angie Bird, her department is going to continue an on-going look at the impact of Marijuana legislation, and issue an RFP for municipal insurance. Another regular at council meetings is the Municipal Clerk, Matt Gower, who says that his department is hoping to update the Cemetary Bylaw and look into creating a Columbarium which houses urns. He says a Columbarium would cost $20,000 to $25,000 but could potentially bring in $40,000 in revenue.

Fire Chief Mike Cavanaugh says that the department is going to be replacing Tanker 82 with a tanker that is currently being built. He says the fire department is looking at staffing the fire halls over Thanksgiving and the Civic weekend. Cavanaugh says they are also looking at getting a zodiac for remote rescues. He says they will be working on a mutual assistance agreement with the other fire services of Haliburton County.

The Chief Building Official, Dave Rogers, explains the Building Department wants to Continue the septic re-inspection program. As well, Rogers says they looking into Asbestos training for staff in the township. Rogers says in 2019 the department is going to train the Deputy Building Official.

Adam Thorne, the Director of Public Works, says his department is hoping to work with the county to replace a culvert on Halls Lake Road, as well as schedule work to be done on North Shore Road, Braeloch Road, Walker Line Road, and Buckslide Road. Thorne explains his department is going to replace the windows at the municipal office, expand the Pine Springs Landfill, and install a fence around the septage lagoon in Algonquin Highlands to stop people from going in. According to Thorne, Public Works is looking into the implementation of an app called Waste Wizard that lets users see the landfills, and offer tips on what is waste and what is recyclable. An idea that excites the Mayor, Carol Moffatt.

In terms of Parks, Recreation, and Trails, Chris Card the manager, says they are looking to replace the windows at the Dorset recreation Centre in 2019, the initial budget for the windows was diverted to flood damages at the same rec centre. Card says the pavilion being installed at the Oxtongue Community Centre is being built and will be installed in the spring. According to Card, the second phase of the Dorset Rec Centre Rehab Project is expected to start in the new year. The Dorset Tower’s traffic is something Card is hoping to address by hiring two more O.P.P. officers to be around the tower during the busy fall season.

Mayor Moffatt explains to My Haliburton that all of these things are going to be looked at in budget deliberations.