The weather and road conditions are not the only thing to watch for while on the roads.

Haliburton Highlands O.P.P. says over the 50 collisions officers have responded to this month, more than half of them involved a vehicle colliding with wildlife, specifically deer.

The O.P.P. says there are ways for drivers to reduce the risk of hitting any kind of wildlife. While out on the road, it is recommended that drivers scan the road from shoulder to shoulder, watching your speed and driving slower at night, and focus on where to go rather than the animal if you can’t break in time.

Other suggestions to prevent a crash with animals are brake firmly if the animal is stopped on or crossing the road, if safe to do so, and remember that deer seldom travel alone so if you see one there is a chance others are close by.

Officers are asking that drivers follow these steps to reduce the amount of human-wildlife collisions.