Extreme weather is always a point of concern, and Minden Hills has tips to deal with it.

The Township of Minden Hills has some thoughts on how to handle the extreme weather conditions that come through the Highlands in the winter and summer.

According to the township, in the winter people can go to the S.G. Nesbitt Arena to get sand for putting down on roads and driveways, as long as your Minden Hills resident. In terms of driving, the town reminds people to drive according to the road conditions and to continually check with the radio stations on the state of the roads.

As well, staff say that it is a good idea to limit the exposure of your pets to extreme weather conditions like snow, high winds or ice rain.

The last bit of advice for winter is for drivers to remember that white or grey cars can be hard to see in the snow.

In the summer, the township suggests drinking lots of water, use sunscreen and take advantage of beaches and shaded areas as much as possible.