The Haliburton Lake Cottager’s Association is warning people who might cross the lake while it is frozen.

The association sent out a notice Sunday afternoon warning anyone, especially snowmobilers to be careful crossing the lake. According to the HLCA, the crack is “large and dangerous,” HLCA says the crack goes across the lake at Hodgson’s Point just north of West Bay.

HLCA says the crack is big enough that it caused an accident involving a snow machine. Aside from the crack in the ice, HLCA suggests added caution while crossing at night because the lake is not staked yet.

The Canadian Red Cross encourages any snowmobiler going onto the ice to wear the appropriate gear including a helmet, clothes appropriate for the weather and a personal flotation device in case you are submerged. Red Cross says a PFD greatly reduces the potential of losing your life on the ice, saying that only three per cent of snowmobile deaths the rider was wearing a PFD.

Another suggestion by the Red Cross is to make sure that someone knows where you are going to be and when. Doing this makes it easier to try and find you if something has happened. As well, the organization says that it is a good idea to travel with another person to make rescue an option if one of the people falls through the ice.