Parking on private roads is a point of contention being brought to Algonquin Highlands council Thursday.

When the councillors of Algonquin Highlands meet on Thursday, they are expected to make a decision on what can or should be done to ease the concerns of the ratepayers. According to the Operations Manager of Public Works for Algonquin Highlands, Adam Thorn, the issue being brought up is a concern over vehicles blocking access to 25th Line north of Highway 118.

Thorn says a property owner has brought forward their concerns, saying cars are parking at the intersection of 25th Line and Providence Drive which blocks off access to the road by people and emergency vehicles. Thorn explains the property owners have raised concerns over the cars and vehicles could block them from going onto or off of 25th Line safely. According to Thorn, property owners have contacted the O.P.P. over the past several weeks to get help removing the vehicles.

Thorn suggests that council not take any action because the assuming the road as publicly owned would be costly an ineffective. As well he suggests township staff help the Maple Lake Association with signage and educational information.

My Haliburton will update when a decision is made.