Bring some change if you intend to park in downtown Haliburton village.

The municipality wants everyone to know that parking in the village’s downtown area is no longer free. Throughout the Christmas break, Dysart had made downtown parking free on the request of the Haliburton BIA as a way to encourage shopping locally.

Kristen Boylan, the bylaw enforcement officer for Dysart et al, tells my Haliburton as of Monday the bags were off the parking metres and the pay for parking is in effect Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm. Boylan says parking on Sundays and statutory holiday Mondays.

According to Boylan, drivers can park downtown for a minimum five cents, and a maximum two dollars, which she says two bucks will fill the metre for two hours which is also the maximum the space can be parked in.

Boylan says if you do not pay for your parking or go over the two-hour maximum you can be fined $10. As well she says there are municipal lots close to downtown that can be parked in for free.

“I am trying to stress that people can park in one of the many local Municipal lots close to downtown for free all day, they just have to walk a short distance.  However, should someone choose to park in a paid space it is much more cost effective to drop a quarter into one of the units versus taking the chance on a $10.00 fine,” says Boylan.