Drivers and residents alike are being warned after a couple came across a suspected fraudster in Carnarvon.

Albert and Judy Carpenter are asking everyone to be careful while they are out and about. According to the Carpenters, they were driving in the Carnarvon area last night when they noticed a grey van parked on the side of the highway with a man waving at them asking them to pull over.

My Haliburton spoke with the Carpenters who say the man asked them if they had cash he could have to get gas for his van. Albert says he and his wife told the man they had no cash several times and then the man pulled a gold ring from his pocket offering that ring in exchange for $40 or more.

Albert explained that he and Judy again turned down the offer and left the man there, but he adds that the man got into his van and drove away as if nothing was wrong with the van.

The Carpenters describe the man as 35 years old give or take with a thin build and dark hair. They say he told the couple he is from Quebec.

Any suspicious behaviour can be reported to the O.P.P.