Before you drive a vehicle, snowmobile or ATV on the ice, check your insurance policy.

Many people believe their various modes of transportation are automatically covered for anything that might happen to them.  Most standard insurance policies require an addendum for additional coverage for driving on frozen lakes or driving a snowmobile across roadways.

Matthew Bell of Les Bell Insurance in Bracebridge says it is always smart to check your fine print before heading out.

“I would highly recommend going to your broker or insurance agent just to make sure that coverage is on your policy,” he says.

Standard policies essentially assume that drivers are using their vehicles for use on regulated roadways, not on an ice surface that could suddenly crack swallowing it into a lake.

“Ask ‘am I currently covered for going out on the ice with this, and if I were crossing the lake and did go through am I covered?’ ” offers Bell.

You should check as well for so-called ice bridges that act as an extension of a highway. Because it is on ice extra insurance may still be required depending on how the bridge is maintained and who is doing the work.