Haliburton County is getting a look at its assets in the housing world.

According to a review of the housing assets in Haliburton County and Kawartha Lakes, the county’s assets are in good shape. The asset review was commissioned by the City of Kawartha Lakes in 2017 after a regulation came into effect January of that year with the goal of creating more housing stock by 2023.

Based on the information provided in the review, the Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton Housing Corporation has a supply of 88 units in the county, and non-profit housing has 203 units. The review also found that the county-owned assets were in good standing based on the grading system that looked at the county’s supply meeting current and future demands, the physical condition of the assets, the current level of funding compared to the estimated funding needs, and the ability to meet quality standards, statutory compliance, functionality, safety and security.

According to the grading system, Haliburton County averaged a B which means the housing stock is good but needs some funding.

The review also included suggestions on how the county can improve its assets, including developing a risk-based capital prioritization, creating a document clearly stated what is capital work and what would be operating work, develop a preventative maintenance plan, get more involved in energy saving initiatives, and participate in a utility management program.

Haliburton County and the city of Kawartha Lakes are currently involved in a 10-year housing and homelessness plan which is also supposed to help create housing in both communities.