The health unit is urging parents to update their children’s vaccine records or the kids will get suspended.

The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge Health Unit says they are about to send out notices to roughly 5,600 students about their records being out of date. HKPR explains that students without an up-to-date record will be suspended starting in April.

HKPR says students being vaccinated is required under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, and students are exempt from immunization if they have a medical reason, or they provide conscience or religious reasons for not being vaccinated.

Health Unit officials are suggesting that parents follow three steps to ensure their child is not suspended, Don’t Wait, Vaccinate and Update. HKPR says parents can check records online right away and see what vaccines are needed by clicking here. As well, parents can check with the health unit or their family doctor to see what is needed. To update records, the HKPR says you can click here.

Marianne Rock, the Health Protection Division Manager, says “we urge families who receive a Health Unit notice to take a moment and review their child’s vaccination record.” She goes on to say

“In many cases, students have all their vaccines, but the records just need updating with the Health Unit.”

 The Health Unit is aiming for a repeat of last year. In 2018, hundreds of suspension notices were issued to local students, but in the end, all vaccination records were updated.