The Haliburton County Development Corporation is offering up funds for economic development projects.

Autumn Wilson, the Program and Operations Coordinator for HCDC, tells My Haliburton that the  Local Initiatives Program has opened to applications today.

HCDC says the program is designed to support incremental Economic Development Projects in Haliburton County whether that be a new initiative, an existing activity that you are trying to enhance or even add onto an already existing activity.

For events or activities to be eligible for LIP funding, it needs to “contribute to the resiliency and vibrancy of the community;” as well, HCDC says that whoever applies will need to show that the program is not going to become dependant on HCDC for continued funding, and it needs to address the strategic priorities of the Haliburton County Development Corporation.

It is noted in the LIP funding guidelines that you cannot use the funds to develop a basic website, nor can it be used for operating expenses. Applicants can reportedly use the funds for current staff wages if additional hours to make the project happen.

HCDC says that the maximum that projects can ask for is $5,000 but note that historically speaking they give out $2,500 per project. According to HCDC if you are going to ask for more than $2,500 , it will need to shown how that project will have a greater potential impact on economic development. As well, anyone applying is reminded that based on the limited funds available and the number of applications, you might be approved but at a lower amount than requested.