Point in Time, the organization partially behind the Youth Hub is hiring two roles for the hub.

According to the kid-centric company, Point in Time in partnership with the Haliburton Highlands Health Services has created two positions to work with the Youth Hub and its attendees.

The Haliburton Branch of the Youth Wellness Hubs of Ontario is now looking for a Youth Wellness Hub Program Coordinator and a program staff member. As the Program Coordinator, Point in Time says, the successful applicant will have a number of jobs including helping create and implement programs and working with management and staff to co-create programs with the youth.

Other required duties are the recruitment hiring and supervision of staff, implementing and coordinating an advisory committee, leading service integration and quality assurance. A full list of the job requirements can be found by clicking here.

Point in Time says to qualify for the job you’ll need two years experience working directly with youth, as well as a minimum two years experience in a management role. Other qualifications they are looking for is valid first aid certification and possession of membership to a professional college in Ontario.

The deadline to apply is February 27th by 4:0opm. To apply you’ll have to send your info to the Youth Wellness Hubs of Ontario, Human Resources Department.