The health unit is trying to make pregnancy information more accessible in Haliburton County.

Staff with the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge Health Unit are hoping that expecting parents will make use of its new online-based prenatal program. According to Bill Eekhoff, with HKPR, the online program is free and offers parents information on several aspects of pregnancy.

Eekhoff says the website, which was just launched this month, gives parents access to “reliable and accurate information on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.” which he says “will improve and expand service to expectant parents in Haliburton County…”

Julie Ghafur, a Public Health Nurse with the health unit, says “we can now bring the Prenatal Program directly to you,” adding “many people prefer online learning, so this will allow them to access and refer back to information when, where, and how they like.”

According to the health unit, HKPR is one of 11 local health agencies working with a company called InJoy to deliver online programming. The site itself reportedly includes  “resources, videos, fun quizzes, learning activities, helpful web links (including to local pregnancy support services), downloadable resource sheets, and a parents’ toolbox loaded with interactive features.”

Ghafur says another highlight of the programming is the lack of ads and sponsored content. She says “Many pregnancy and parenting websites have ads, pop-up windows and other sponsored information that can distract and take away from learning,” Ghafur says. “The Health Unit’s new online Prenatal Program is intended to be a perfect fit for you… trusted and unbiased education, your way!”