Should the municipality be asking for a piece of the pie for the use of Head Lake Park?

That is a conversation that came from the Dysart et al regular meeting of council after hearing that Ribfest organizers are looking at coming back to Haliburton Village this summer.

Larry Clarke, council’s representative on the Events and Recreation Committee, spoke with the event organizer during the committee meeting and he says there were some concerns, the committee was looking for the direction of council on.

The biggest concern was money. Clarke says that Ribfest garnered $2,500 for the municipality which Councillor Walt McKechnie noted fell flat compared to the amount of money that left the area with the vendors. McKechnie went on to suggest that perhaps the municipality charge more for the use of Head Lake Park.

Offering a suggestion, Councillor John Smith wondered if perhaps Dysart can get a portion of the beer and food money, which McKechnie pointed out was not going to happen, saying that the organizer suggested that if they wanted to do that they would go elsewhere.

After a lengthy discussion about the direction to give to the committee, it was decided that the municipality is going to ask the organizer of Ribfest to consider a larger donation to the municipality or share a percentage of the gate receipts.

The municipality is also looking at amending the park use agreement for future events which would adjust the money coming back into the community, but that will require a bylaw change.