The Township of Minden Hills is giving the public a chance to raise their voice over a potential sewage facility.

Coming up in just under two weeks is a meeting to go over Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw amendments. And according to the town, the changes are to rezone a plot of land on Bobcaygeon Road to eventually build a “hauled sewage disposal and treatment facility.

As it stands now, the property is under a rural land use designation. If the amendments get passed it will be changed to Rural site-specific exception.

As part of the process of amendments being approved, members of the public can attend the March 14th meeting to voice their support for or against the project. As well people can give written support or objection for council to consider.

The town asks that people take note that if they do not make an oral or written submission before the amendments are passed, they cannot appeal the decision.

If anyone requires more information they can contact Ian Clendenning at the municipal office, or attend the meeting at the municipal office at 7 Milne Street at 9:00am