An annual Haliburton event is making an appearance on the big screen.

John Teljeur, the organizer of the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championship, announced that the yearly event is going to be featured in a documentary airing at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Teljeur says that “The Hockey Film” by Christopher Aylward has been in production for four years, and features people who “eat, sleep, and breathe hockey”.

Aylward is reportedly a big fan of the game, and the film is supposed to tell true stories of individuals, players, families, team reps, league commissioners, and hockey event owners. The film covers stories across Canada as well as other countries as far as New Zealand

Aylward and film crews attended the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Pond Hockey Championship to capture footage of it and interviews about the annual tournament.

Teljeur said “We’re so excited about being part of this project and to tell the story of what we do here in Haliburton. The footage we’ve seen looks spectacular.”

According to Teljeur, this year’s edition of the championship, over 115 teams entered the tournament equaling roughly 700 players. Teljeur explained the 115 teams came from across the country including teams from the GTA, Eastern U.S.A., Quebec, and Northern Ontario.

Despite the event happening in Haliburton, Teljeur says there were only six teams from the Haliburton Highlands.

A teaser of the film can be found by clicking here.