A federation of four-wheelers is trying to rally the troops for a meeting in Minden.

The Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive Recreationists wants members of the public to raise their collective voice in hopes of stopping the potential closure of the Hydro/Scotch Line Trail.

OF4WD released a statement today encouraging people to come out to the meeting at the S.G. Nesbitt Community Centre tomorrow from 5:30pm-7:00pm.

The trail runs along the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands National Park.

Federation officials say the park superintendent told OF4WD and other stakeholders “for 2019 we will be implementing timing windows from Outhouse Junction and Little Otter Lake, mechanized passage will be permitted between September 15th to March 31st. For the upcoming season, we will continue to tolerate sustainable use of the existing trails that dip into parklands east of outhouse junction.”

In a letter sent to Moose FM it is concerned that the closure of that trail could spark a chain reaction of trails in the area being closed.

As well Feller raised concerns that this could have an impact on local businesses and tourism.

A link to a petition can be found by clicking here.