Members of the public are getting the chance to see what their councillors make.

With the budget passed, the municipality of Highlands East has also published the Council Remuneration Expense Summary.

Each year municipalities are required under section 284 of the Municipal Act to provide an itemized list of the remuneration and expenses that were paid to the councillors in the previous year.

According to the summary, the highest paid was Mayor Dave Burton, who took home $25,060.34. Suzanne Partridge, the former warden, was paid $22,679.47. The summary shows that $19,728.27 of that was for salary, the rest was for milage, seminars and committee meetings.

Deputy Mayor Cec Ryall was paid $18,622.55. Joan Barton, who no longer sits on council, was paid $16,107.83.

Councillor Cam McKenzie took home $18,510.65 and Councillor Ruth Strong, who has only been on council since October’s election, was paid $1,437.15 in 2018.

The full summary can be seen by clicking here.