With the rain and warmer temperatures comes a warning from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Care must be used near waterways says Mara Kerry, a Partnership Specialist with the MNRF.

“Flow rates will increase and you can slip and fall and be dragged under with tragic consequences,” she warns. “We are approaching the “freshet” (spring thaw) and as things warm up if we do get rain river flows and lake levels will begin to rise.”

Kerry says lakes are dangerous as well. Even though they might have snow and ice on them, things change quickly.

“Lakes are also potentially dangerous but they don’t flow at the same rate as a river would,” she says. “Just make sure you are really careful with slippery banks especially with pets and small children. You should stay away from dams and riverways at this time of year.”

She adds a rise in waters is an expected event every spring.

“And (it is) in some ways a needed event,” Kerry explains. “They help recharge wetlands, they are good for ecology and fish spawning.”