Algonquin Highlands is the first municipality to pass its bylaw related to burning regulations.

Fire Chief Mike Cavanaugh got the go-ahead to institute the Open Air Burning Bylaw in the township.

Cavanaugh says that all of the county fire chiefs have been working on creating a bylaw in hopes of creating a standardized batch of regulations that are easier for the public to understand.

The notable changes to the bylaw include a new format, the inclusion of definitions, standardized forms and burning times.

All four municipalities will operate under the same daytime burning restrictions. That restriction being no burning between 7:00am and 7:00pm.

Cavanaugh noted that there is one notable difference between the municipalities. In section four of the bylaw is a daily burning permit, which he says some municipalities may remove. That section allows people to have fires up to three metres high and three metres wide as long as they have the permit.

During the Highlands East council meeting, it was decided that Acting Fire Chief Chris Braughman work on the verbiage in that section of the bylaw.

Deputy Mayor Liz Danielson made a point of suggesting the chiefs have never worked as closely as they have as of late. Councillor Jennifer Dailloux simply said “this is a great document.”