Algonquin Highlands has its 2019 budget.

Yesterday, during the regular council meeting the councillors voted unanimously to pass the budget estimates for the township. With the budget passed, the town is expecting to collect $5,213,859.00 in taxes. Which would mean a 1.56 per cent tax increase

The township budgeted for $10,211,766.00 in expenses, including three million in transportation, $2.585 million on “protection to persons and property. As well, it is forecasted the town will spend just over a million on general government. Environmental initiatives are expected to get $976,000 and health programs $37,000.

In terms of Revenue, Algonquin Highlands is forecasted to get $ 4,997,907. The biggest contributor to that before tax would be general government that makes up 37 per cent of the income, or $ 1,859,900. The second biggest contributor to revenue is expected to be $998,825 from Transportation.

Highlands East approved its budget also with an over three per cent tax hike.