With the budget done, Dysart taxpayers are going to be seeing the bills go up.

Council voted to approve the 2019 budget with a tax increase of 6.71 per cent earlier today.

The tax increase is paired with the fact that Dysart is dealing with a deficit of $80,000. Barbara Swannell the Treasurer pointed out this kind of deficit was a bit of an anomaly, saying that a number of invoices had yet to come in when they calculated a $63,000 deficit.

Another contributing factor to the numbers being that far into the red, according to Dysart et al Mayor Andrea Roberts, was the fact they had three different capital projects eat into the budget.

Swannell said they are expected to levy $9.256 million through taxation. The total expenses for the municipality are forecasted at over $16 million.

According to the budget report’s transportation section, the municipality has already used almost 84 per cent of its capital expense money.