Climate change is on the minds of the upper tier government.

Earlier today, Charlsey White the Director of Planning, and Craig Douglas the Director of Public Works unveiled the beginning stages of what they are calling a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan.

White explained the idea is that the county and municipalities work together on an overarching plan, and give the municipalities the ability to drop or add things to their individual plan.

According to White, she and Douglas had been communicating with other areas that already have plans in place. She said that they took some of the ideas into consideration.

Although there is no definitive plan yet, Douglas suggested that they lay the groundwork now. Douglas explained that the plan they would work in phases, with each phase having certain milestones and goals that need to be met before they begin implementing whatever it is the plan calls for.

If it goes forward, it would be divided into two parts, mitigation and adaptation.

Dysart Mayor, Andrea Roberts, asked if creating this plan would lead to more services being needed, which Douglas said would be a “rabbit hole” they need to look into.

Douglas suggested that while creating the document, the first two phases would be working groups. Which means that County staff would be working on the plan and the third phase would be stakeholder groups.

With the okay of the county council, White and Douglas are going to meet with the municipal councils in the form of a delegation and work for their support also.