With the budget approved, the county is estimated a tax levy of $18,135,504.

In terms of where the money is being spent, the county says it is going to be investing $6,287,208 into infrastructure. Compared to last year’s investment of $4,025,800.

The county expects that 73 per cent of 2019’s revenue will be through taxation, with the second biggest chunk coming from the province at 20 per cent. Federal funding is expected to account for three per cent and other charges and contributions from the reserves make up the rest.

The biggest expense for the county this budget year is the salaries and benefits of the staff which makes up 38 per cent, the next highest expense is capital expenses that are expected to eat up 25 per cent. Materials and supplies account for another 15 per cent, and transfers to other entities are 13 per cent. Four per cent of the money is going to contracted services. Debt repayment will take three per cent and two per cent is being transferred to reserves.

Minden Hills is now the only local government to still need to pass its budget.