There are no issues with the water in Minden Hills.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency reports that the drinking water in Minden Hills is completely compliant.

OCWA met with the Minden Hills councillors earlier today to go over the findings of the annual inspection of the Minden Hills and Lutterworth Water Treatment facilities.

Natalie Baker of OCWA says that the township and her employer have been partnered since 2001, and they monitor and inspect the sites for the township.

Each year, the inspection looks at the annual and monthly flow rates for the facility. As well they take samples checking for microbiological things and elements that could potentially be harmful to humans.

According to Baker in 2018, the Lutterworth facility got 100 per cent compliance with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks’ inspection. That inspection was done on November 27th.

The Minden Hills facility had a 98.19 per cent compliance. Baker explained that during the sampling process, Well #2 dropped below the minimum flow numbers. That concern has been corrected.

The public can get access to this information at the Minden Hills municipal office