The county is looking to hire someone to bring doctors to the area.

With the budget passed, Haliburton County has officially released a job posting for a “Physician Recruitment Coordinator.”

Leading into the 2019 budget CAO Mike Rutter had proposed the idea of hiring someone to look after recruiting doctors. Rutter had explained during a council meeting a couple of months ago that efforts so far have fallen flat. As well, he explained that other municipalities that he had spoken to emphasized that doctor recruitment is something that can’t be done by someone that already has a job.

Anyone that is going to apply for the position will need a College of Bachelor’s Degree with two to three years experience in related work. The person will also need “superior” marketing and public relations skills and previous experience in healthcare, sales, marketing and recruiting.

Some of the duties of the job are to work with the county councillors to develop and regularly update “the mission, vision and strategic priorities of the organization in the recruitment and retention of physicians.”

They will also have to organize and create recruitment and retention activities, keep an active list of medical students, residents and locums to recruit, create and develop a website for local physicians, and help any candidate sort out what is needed for relocation.

The deadline to apply is April 15th at 8:00am. If you are going to apply, send your resume and cover letter to

A link to the job posting can be found by clicking here.