Algonquin Highlands is looking at how viable it might be to keep the fire hall where it is.

Fire Chief Mike Cavanaugh met with the council earlier today and got the go-ahead to schedule an Environmental Assessment for the Dorset Complex.

Cavanaugh reccommended the assessment because the township is weighing the options for the complex that houses the old public works garage, the Dorset satellite office and the fire hall in Lake of Bays.

Cavanaugh said that Cambium Incorporated had given the estimated price tag of $2,900 to do the first phase of work. Phase one, according to the fire chief, is a review of the spill history and a site assessment. Once the first phase is done, Cavanaugh says that Cambium will use the information to see if they need to go more in depth for the second phase.

The chief noted that he was recommending the EA to begin as soon as possible so that the process, and gathering information, was expedited as much as possible.

The funding for the assessment can come from the administration consultant portion of the budget, with a portion coming from the Dorset Complex reserves said, Cavanaugh.