With double-digit highs expected, people are being reminded that being around water can be dangerous.

Highlands East and the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority are warning people that conditions are making it possible for high water flow in the area.

Although CVCA doesn’t forecast any flooding for the next 72 hours, they are suggesting that flows around dams and hydro plants could go up. Which they say could mean thinning ice “for a considerable distance from the dam.

During this thawing period, CVCA suggests that bridges and culverts with water flowing through or under them should be avoided. Snowmobilers and other people that have been ice recreationally are being encouraged to stay off because it will continue to thin, making it unsafe.

CVCA staff “strongly advise residents, especially children stay away from these danger zones.”

Despite the weather expected to go up to 13 this weekend, CVCA says that hypothermia is still a threat to anyone that falls through the ice or into open water. It is recommended that people avoid the banks and shorelines of rivers and streams.

According to CBCA, they are going to continue to watch water levels daily If there are any questions or concerns, contact Tim Pidduck, CVCA General Manager or Neil McConkey, Water Resources Supervisor at 613-472-3137.

The CVCA includes portions of the municipalities of Trent Hills, Stirling-Rawdon, Marmora and Lake, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, North Kawartha, Wollaston, Limerick, Tudor and Cashel, Faraday and Highlands East.