Bobcaygeon Road in Shelbourne is going through some changes.

The Township of Algonquin Highlands gave Sean O’Callaghan, the township Planner, the go-ahead to close a portion of the road allowance during the regular council meeting.

O’Callaghan was suggesting closing the road allowance because, as it turns out, part of the Dorset Museum is located on the road allowance. He made the suggestion the town close 33 feet.

O’Callaghan explained that the building was built without the town knowing that where the building was going would be over the borders of the lot. He explained to the councillors that this only came up because of the discovery of old paperwork that showed the building had encroached on the border.

With the closure, O’Callaghan pointed out that they are only closing a portion of the lot on the Western side, just enough that the building is within the borders.