The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is warning there is the potential for flooding in the area.

With the forecast calling for showers and warm temperatures throughout the rest of the week, the MNRF Bancroft office has issued a “Flood Outlook” warning for the area.

Although flooding has not happened as of yet, the MNRF says the flood outlook is an early warning that there is the potential of flooding. Algonquin Highlands Mayor, Carol Moffatt, explained on Facebook yesterday that the municipalities have been in weekly conversations with the Trent Severn Waterway. She says the snow melt “has been hanging on and the melt has been slow to start so there hasn’t been much to share.”

The MNRF is encouraging people across their district to keep an eye on water levels, regularly check for notices and exercise caution around bodies of water. It is also reccommended that parents tell their children to be careful and supervise them.

If anyone has experienced flooding in the past, the MNRF says it is a good idea to take the precautions now to protect your home and belongings just in case the water does rise to flood levels. It is also suggested that you secure anything that might float away and make sure that your sump pump is working properly.

In terms of where the water levels are at now, MNRF says that most reservoirs are below the yearly average. Alternatively, there is a bigger amount of snowpack this year which means more water to come as it thaws. That is paired with the fact that the forecast is calling for 20-25 millimetres of rain by Friday.

The flood outlook statement expires Friday.