A local camp is hoping to bring more trash to the landfill and waive the fees attached to that.

Earlier today, at the Minden Hills Committee of the Whole meeting, Duncan Robertson and Matt Brown from Onondaga Camp asked if it was possible to increase the amount of bags of garbage they can bring to the landfill per week.

Robertson, the director of the camp, emphasized that they are looking to move more garbage off-site for a number of reasons. A big one that he touched on, was the fact that keeping it at the camp for extended periods of time can lead to bears being a concern.

Another concern is the fact that they have an average of 600 people on site between June and September, which means they are producing 1,800 meals a day. Robertson suggested the best course of action is to remove the garbage daily themselves rather than relying on a business to do it.

Robertson said they are currently held to the same standard as a single-family home, which is 3 bags a week. Onondaga is asking to allow for 300 bags a week be taken by the dump, and the fees associated be waived.