It seems like Minden Hills won’t be getting its cannabis funds just yet.

During the Committee of the Whole meeting earlier today, CAO Lorrie Blanchard confirmed that the county is holding onto all chunks of the cannabis implementation funds.

Blanchard, and moreover, the Township of Minden Hills had asked Haliburton County if it would be able to access the funds from the province. In a letter sent to Blanchard, County CAO Mike Rutter acknowledged the county received the request for the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund.

Rutter explained that right now, agencies aligned with the county like the health unit are still in the process of figuring out what services will be needed now that pot is legal. He said that over the next year, those kinds of agencies will be coming forward with programming and costs to do with legalization.

According to the letter, the Haliburton County Council felt that it is still premature to discuss the funds being distributed.